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1980 Unauthorised "Larrikin" Release

The 1980 unauthorised Larrikin LP release was NOT of the same quality as the original 1971 Ted Albert’s “Music For Pleasure” LP recording.  The original master tapes were NOT used, instead Warren Fahey manufactured his pressing from a faulty turntable recording of one of the original Albert’s LP’s.  For the 1980 unauthorised Larrikin Cassette release, Warren Fahey used the same faulty recording as he had for the unauthorised 1980 LP.  Warren Fahey also changed some of the information on the LP cover, and the Cassette insert sleeve was full of inaccurate text.

Harry Robertson did NOT know of Warren Fahey’s LP and Cassette release until after the items had gone on sale to the public.  Harry’s annoyance was so great that the original publisher Ted Albert (of T. Albert and Sons P/L) arranged for the return of the ownership of all of the Copyright materials relevant to the original LP and Book of Whaling Songs, along with the Original Master Tapes, directly back to Harry.  This wise and generous settlement negotiated between good friends Ted Albert and Harry Robertson has meant that Rita Robertson and her family have retained full Copyright and control over Harry’s fine musical legacy.