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Albany’s Whalers  (The Peg-Leg Whaler)
The Antarctic Fleet  (I Went Down South A-Whaling)
Assisted Passage  (Don’t Take A Trip Like This Me Boys)
Ballina Whalers  (Heigh-Ho Ye Trawler Men) (In Fifty-Six I Sailed On Board) (A-Fishing for the Humpback Whale)
…1. the original 1960’s “shanty” version with the lyrics in couplets
…2. the 1971 WCM LP version performed by Alex Hood
A Bird  (Gentle Dawn Awaken)
Blubber Laddie  (Over Rattling Winches)
Brother Jack  (Do You Know My Brother Jack?)
Brown, Black, and White
Casting Off  (The Autumn Sky With Colours Tinged)
The Casuals  (Down Way Down In The Big Dry Dock)
Cockatoo Hen  (One Night — At A Party)
Deep Sea Tug  (Aye It’s Cold — Bloody Cold)
Fettling On The Line  (Twenty Years On Fettling)
Fred The Fitter  (I’m A Genius As You Know)
Freedom Free For All  (See How The Cops Run)
Grubby Jack  (Oh Me Name It Is Jack)
Hard Timber  (Down Mendooran Way)
Heave Away  (Live Lumber)  (‘Britannia’ 1791)
Homeless Man
Is It True?  (They Call My Son A Man)
The Isle Of Cockatoo  (See The Mist Hang On The Water)
The ‘Kaptajn Nielsen’  (The ‘M S Kaptajn Nielsen’ )
The Modern Whaling Fleet - Prologue  (The Rolling Drums Of Change Beat Out)
Mountain Of Culture
Mrs McGoo  (Oh, Row-de-dow-dow — I’m Feeling It Now)
Mrs O’Randy  (To She Who Cheateth The Plumber, A Sticky End Will Come)
Murrumbidgee Whalers  (Down On The Murrumbidgee)
A Musical Reflection  (Sorrow Not Ye Friends Of Mine)  (Drinking Hard In Sydney Town)
Norfolk Whalers  (High On The Cliffs Of Norfolk’s Green Isle)  (Row, My Love Row)
On The Boundary
People  (Eanruig Raibert)
Plague And The Censor
The Pole  (Song for Strangways Station)
Poling In The Dry  (And It’s Thirty Bob A Week Me Lads)
Poling In The Wet  (Me Bully Boys)
The Politician
Processing The Whale  (The Mighty Mammal Kings And Queens Of The Cold Antarctic Deep)
Queensland Whalers  (Sing Ho! You Queensland Whalers)
Reflections  (A Jug Of Red Wine)
Rodger’s Folly  (Impatience and Action)
Scratching For Tin  (Hard Rock Miner)  (From Rugged Hills And Valleys)
Service Song  (When I Was A Boy On My Daddy’s Farm)
Ship Repairing Men  (Don’t Wait Up For Me This Evening)
T2 T2
Tanker Man  (You Walk Up The Gangway)
Terry On The Fence
The Thrill Of The Hunt  (Spoken Over The Flensing Deck Scene)
Time For A Laugh And A Song  (In The Dark Of The Morning)
Turn The Tide
The ‘W. D. Atlas’  (Dark And Stormy Was The Night)
Wee Honey Jar  (To Dr Affley From A Patient)
Wee Pot Stove  (In The Wee Dark Engine Room)
Wet And Dry  (The Heavy Rain Clouds Gather)
Whale Chasing Man  (Four On And Four Off Are The Watches We Stand)
Whaling Wife  (Aye! I’m Waiting Here At Hame)
When You Get There  (You Will Find Me In The March)