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2001 NSFA CD Re-Issue

Whale Chasing MenNational Film and Sound Archive Release 2001
This official Re-issue was organised by Evan and Lyn Mathieson through ScreenSound Australia (the National Film and Sound Archive). This CD of the original MFP LP included a new 24 page booklet of Harry’s song words, his introductions for each of the songs, and a great selection of archival photos, manuscripts, and information courtesy of Rita Robertson. We were also delighted to have Rita as our very Special Guest at the Official Launch at the 2001 National Folk Festival in Canberra in a Concert with many of Harry and Rita’s friends.

Our full story about getting this CD project into reality through ScreenSound Australia / the National Film and Sound Archive is described in the 24 page insert booklet produced with this CD.  Unfortunately this 2001 re-issue CD is totally SOLD OUT.