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(Oh, Row-de-dow-dow — I’m Feeling It Now)

Lyrics and Music: Harry Robertson
Arranged by Evan Mathieson

“It’s bother I’ve had,” said Mrs McGoo,
“I’m like the old woman who lived in a shoe
For the nights of sweet loving bring back the auld pain
And the mornings of sickness are on me again.”

Oh, Row-de-dow-dow — I’m feeling it now
The apron I’m wearing is rising — Ho! Row-de-dow-dow.

She loved her fine man, he loved her as much
They bred like two rabbits locked up in a hutch
But their passionate loving it soon turned to fear
When a little McGoo arrived every year.


The great learned men of the cloth they do say
If you dare take that pill, me lass you will stray
Your present is nothing — Hereafter is all
She’s hung up on bearing like Christ on the wall.


Poor woman was torn ’tween church and the mind
But after much thinking some reason did find
Great daring it took, but I’m happy to say
She swallows that bonnie wee pill every day.


The rate of production has dropped back to nil
Now that she takes that bonnie wee pill
So the moral me lads — if you don’t have it now
Get your woman on pills, and Row-de-dow-dow!


© Harry Robertson and subsequently ©1995 Mrs Rita Robertson, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Registered with APRA/AMCOS www.apra-amcos.com.au