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(To she who cheateth the plumber, a sticky end will come!)

Lyrics and Music: Harry Robertson
Arranged by Evan Mathieson

Now Mrs O’Randy was in a queer flap
She needed a washer put into her tap
For it dripped and it dribbled down into the bath
Oh it got on her nerves and it filled her wi’ wrath.

So she called in a plumber — a fine strapping man
Who came with a great bag of tools in his hand
With a bloody big wrench and the skill of his trade
He soon fixed the tap and he asked to be paid.

When he asked for a dollar — she let out a moan,
“There’s nary a cent to be had in this home,
but for fixing my faucet, I’ll service your spout
let the doing of one — cut the other one out."

Said he, “Sure the payment could be quite a treat,
Tho’ hardly the kind that a plumber can eat.”
But she quickly lay down and she hoisted her flag
While he rummaged round inside his tool bag.

Two hands full of washers the plumber drew out
And he started to drop them down over his spout
’Til more than twelve inches of healthy young staff
Was reduced in its length by almost a half.

Said Mrs O’Randy as she lay on the bed,
“Tell me, why drop those washers down over its head?"
Said he from the edge of the bed where he sat,
“Did you think for a dollar you’d get all of that!”

© Harry Robertsonand subsequently ©1995 Mrs Rita Robertson, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Registered with APRA/AMCOS www.apra-amcos.com.au