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Lyrics and Music: Harry Robertson

A jug of red wine clutched in my hand
Good fellowship and drinking
A bright sun shines on youthful years
What need for deeply thinking?

The sunshine and the dark clouds of life
Are balanced e’er so finely
When only wine can bring the sun
Dark clouds will come untimely.

Why spend my youth on vain crusades
Or barren abstract thinking?
I’ll spend my youth on pretty maids
And keep the change for drinking.


Reflecting on those early years
Oh, life flowed sweet and brightly
No care or sorrow touched our mind
We drank the red wine nightly.


The reckless years and sorrows now
Have set me deeply thinking
I have no change to spend on maids
I need it all for drinking.


© Harry Robertson, and subsequently ©1995 Mrs Rita Robertson, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Registered with APRA/AMCOS www.apra-amcos.com.au