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Lyrics: Harry Robertson

(Spoken over the flensing deck scene in the ABC ‘A Big Country’ TV program titled “The Whalers”.)

The thrill of the hunt — when tensions are high
The harpoon gun roars — and Sperm whales die
And proud is the hunter — to bring the catch home
To the factory that cooks meat, blubber, and bone.

In the dark of the evening — when daylight has gone
The hunter’s asleep ‘til the break o’ the dawn
In the dark of the ocean — there are whales swimming free
And the factory is cooking the prize of the sea.

We plunder the ocean — to satisfy greed
We upset the balance — against nature’s need
For oil that will help our cars run like a dream
And give that smooth lustre to facial cream.

Sleep lovely lady — my darling sleep well
Far away from the flensing and Sperm oil smell
We’ll hunt and we’ll flense and we’ll cook the great whale
For the face creams and lipsticks that you wear so well.

© Harry Robertson
and subsequently ©1995 Mrs Rita Robertson, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Registered with APRA/AMCOS www.apra-amcos.com.au